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Connecting your behavioral/medical care team

Your behavioral health and medical health can affect each other so much. Connecting your providers creates a balanced care team. Your connected team will be able to make shared decisions that are good for your overall health. 

Taking Charge of Your Care - Tips for Talking with Your Providers - It’s YOUR recovery, and YOUR care. How much should you share? What should you ask? It’s all up to you. This flyer offers ideas about how to get the most out of talking with your provider.

Supporting Yourself While Supporting Child -- updated February 2018

Passport to Care

Recovery is a journey. Who will go with you? What steps will you take? The Passport to Care can help you plan your way.

Member Passport to Care - English version updated 2017

Member Passport to Care - Spanish version updated 2017

Please check back often! Magellan will continue to post resources to help you build and connect your care team.





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