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Residential Programs

Each child seeking admission to residential services will receive the support of the local Independent Assessment, Certification and Coordination Team (IACCT) in each locality to assess the child’s needs. The IACCT will include the child, the child’s family/legal guardian and clinical professionals from the child’s community. Whenever possible, a primary care physician or psychiatrist who knows the child’s history will be involved in the assessment. A Magellan Intensive Care Manager (ICM) will assist with care coordination for the IACCT. A Magellan Family Support Coordinator (FSC) with lived experience as the parent of a child receiving behavioral health services will connect with the family throughout the course of treatment to offer continuity of care. After the IACCT completes the assessment, the team will develop an appropriate plan of care to meet the individualized needs of the child and family. Plans may include residential or community-based services.

This dynamic collaboration between the child and family, experienced community clinicians and physicians and Magellan can create a system that more wholly addresses the needs of the child. Whether in a residential program or in the community, the new process will offer continuous connections supporting access to resources for resiliency and coordinated care. Please utilize the online Contact Us page if you need to reach us.

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