ARTS Information

ARTS Information

Effective April 1, 2017, the Addiction and Recovery Treatment Services (ARTS) benefit expands access to a comprehensive continuum of addiction treatment services for all enrolled members in Medicaid, FAMIS and FAMIS MOMS, and significantly increases the payment rates for these services. It also strengthens how Virginia educates individuals, providers, and communities; treats patients identified with a Substance Use Disorder (SUD); collects and monitors data and health outcomes; and enforces new evidence-based policies and practices. Click here to read the Medicaid Memo. 

ARTS Information for Providers

ARTS Residential Services Levels of Care

Residential Services for Substance Use and Behavioral Health Guide

Clarification on Residential Levels of Care in the ARTS Benefit Memo -- posted October 20

ARTS Training

Please visit the ARTS training page to find all webinars and training decks relating to ARTS. 

ARTS Information for Members

GAP Flier 2017

Addiction Recovery Support Warm Line flier

ARTS one-pager for Peer Support

Mental Health one-pager for Peer Support

ARTS One-Pager for Members

Peer Services One-Pager for members

ARTS Service Request Authorizations (SRA)

PLEASE NOTE: There is one SRA for initial requests for all ARTS services requiring an authorization and one for continued stay requests.

ARTS Initial Service Authorization Request form -- this version required 7/1/18

ARTS Service Authorization Extension Request form -- this version required 7/1/18

ARTS Registration Form

ARTS Substance Use Case Management Registration form effective 4/1/17

ARTS Communications

Medicaid ARTS Providers License -- posted July 12

ARTS Submission Requirements for Service Authorization -- posted March 31

ARTS Credentialing Process -- posted November 22

Medicaid ARTS Benefit Credentialing Overview -- posted October 14

CORRECTION Effective April 1, 2017 DMAS ARTS Transformation -- posted August 15