2015 Communications

2015 Communications

Magellan will keep you informed of all communications and important updates sent to providers via email.

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Emails sent to providers

December 18
Magellan's continuum of care workgroup
December 11
DMAS Medicaid Disclosure Form
December 4
UPDATE: Intensive In-Home Authorization under EPSDT
November 20
CLARIFICATION Crisis Services Registration and Authorization Requirement
November 17
Integrated Healthcare and Care Coordination training and tools
November 16
IIH and Crisis Services Overlap
November 9
REMINDER: Billing ECO and Crisis Services
November 4
UPDATE: Crisis Services Registration Requirement
October 27
Care Coordination: Discharge Notification & Transition Planning
October 8
ICD-10 Helpful Tips - Claim Submission
October 7
ICD-10 Claims Update
October 5
Telemedicine Assessment Codes Billing Changes
September 30
CHANGE: Fax submissions FINAL reminder
September 25
Reminder ICD 10 changes effective October 1
August 25
Inpatient services - retroactive requests
July 31
Billing Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluations, Assessments and VICAP
July 9
Update pending requests via Magellan Provider website
July 7
TDT IIH Care Coordination
July 6
Clarification ICD 10 CM and DSM 5
June 23
EPSDT authorizations clarification
June 17
Enhanced Ambulatory Patient Group (EAPG) for Outpatient Hospital Services
June 3
Duplicate registration notice to providers
May 28
UPDATE: Unbundling case management and ICT
May 27
Billing - Case Management unbundling
May 19
Duplicate Authorizations - update to provider website
May 18
Provider education - accessibility of care interventions
April 28
Inpatient discharge checklist
April 24
UPDATE Provider procedure regarding member's rights & responsibilities
April 13
CSBs-only and case management claims
April 7
Fax and online tools for providers
April 1
Using License-level Modifiers on Outpatient Therapy Services Claims
March 6
GAP Care Coordination Requirements - effective immediately
March 3
Rate change EPSDT Behavioral Therapy including/not limited to ABA Assessments
February 26
Updated process for retracting overpayments to providers
January 21
UPDATE GAP SMI screening forms - Magellan and DMAS P-603
January 19
UPDATE GAP online application

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