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2017 Communications

Magellan will keep you informed of all communications and important updates sent to providers via email.

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Emails sent to providers


REMINDER - CCC Plus Transition -- posted December 29

CMHRS CCC Plus Transition FAQs and Eligibility Verification -- posted December 28

Improving the Quality of Addiction Treatment Webinar -- posted December 21

Timeliness standards regarding office closing for holidays inclement weather -- posted December 15

ARTS Billing Best Practices -- posted December 14

Provider Conference Call Change -- posted December 13

DBHDS PRS Supervisor Training -- posted December 12

Members Admitted Prior to IACCT -- posted December 11

CCC Plus Transition DMAS Memo -- posted December 11
CCC Plus Transition memo from DMAS

CCC Plus Transition -- posted December 8

Screening Tools and Resources -- posted December 6

Training Announcement for Providers of CMHRS and ABA Behavior Therapy -- posted November 21

Updated CANS Reassessment -- posted November 10

Importance of Family Engagement Training June 2017 -- posted November 3

CCC Plus Eligibility Notice -- posted October 30

Clarifying Physician Role in Certificate of Need Process -- posted October 26

Organizational Provider Authorization Submission Reminder -- posted October 24

Screening Tools and Resources -- posted October 24

Reminder Credentialing and Re-credentialing Requirements -- posted October 24

Clarification on Residential Levels of Care in ARTS Benefits Memo -- posted October 23

Special Consideration Process and CON Clarification -- posted October 6

Mandated Changes for the GAP Program -- posted September 29

Referral Streams and Access to Care -- posted September 29

CON updates for National Provider Identifier August 2017 -- posted September 28

Quit Now Virginia Resources for Wellness - posted September 26

Web Portal Updates - posted September 26

Service Authorization and Billing: A Guide to Medicaid Behavioral Health Managed Care - posted September 21

Virginia Regulatory Town Hall View General Notice-RTS-CMHRS-Psy manual posted for comment - posted September 21

New Preferred Medication Assisted Treatment Providers -- posted September 15

Reassessment Process -- posted September 15

IACCT Inquiries for Youth Residing in DJJ -- posted September 15

Provider Communication and Training NEW UPDATE Requirements for Billing Residential Claims for ORP -- posted September 15

Therapeutic Day Treatment Extension -- posted August 25 

Contracting Opportunity for Crisis Stabilization Providers -- posted August 15

Roster Provider Reminder -- posted August 15

Updated Rate Schedule -- posted August 15

Building Bridges Initiative Training October 2017-- posted August 7

Clarification Intensive Community Treatment Teams -- posted July 28

Screening Tools and Resources -- posted July 18

New Seclusion and Restraint Reporting Timelines -- posted July 14

Care Coordination Brief Survey -- posted July 13

Peer Support Services Attestation Checklist and Staff Roster -- posted July 13

Virginia DMAS Medicaid Rates -- posted July 12

Medicaid ARTS Providers License -- posted July 12

2017 Summer Provider Focus: Magellan of Virginia 2016 Annual Results Treatment Record Review

July 1, 2017 Residential Program Changes -- posted June 30

Discharge Survey -- posted June 30

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Registration Outcome Questions -- posted June 30

Changes in Authorization Requirement for Outpatient Psychiatric Therapy Services -- posted June 29

Discharge Survey -- posted June 28

IACCT Submission of Referring National Provider Identifier -- posted June 23

Residential Service Request Authorizations Training -- posted June 18

June 28 Webinar for Peer Support Services -- posted June 15

IACCT Documents Training -- posted June 15

Reminder Roster Staff and Provider Screening Requirements -- posted June 15

EPSDT Residential Service Request Authorization -- posted June 14

Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment 1-1 Services Request -- posted June 13

Annual Attestation for Residential Treatment Centers -- posted June 8

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Registration -- posted June 8

Grievance Process Reminder -- posted June 6

Medicaid Memo Coverage for Peer Support Services Effective July 1, 2017 -- posted June 6

Requirements for Residential Billing for Ordering Referring or Other Professionals -- posted June 2

Residential Treatment Services Manual and DMAS Announcement Memo -- posted June 2

Residential Placement and Certificate of Need prior to July 2017 -- posted May 30

Roster Staff and Provider Screening Requirements -- posted May 25

Updated IACCT Forms -- posted May 23

Residential Service Request Authorization Changes -- posted May 23

Remittance delay 2017 fiscal year-end -- posted May 23

Residential Support for Caregivers: Supporting Yourself While Supporting Your Child -- posted May 23

Therapeutic Day Treatment Summer Service Delivery -- posted May 16

Suicide Prevention Resources -- posted May 11

Update for ARTS Provider Technical Assistance Calls -- posted May 11

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility Attestation and Reporting Changes -- posted May 11

Therapeutic Day Treatment Batch Discharges for Summer Break -- posted May 8

Cultural Competency Training -- posted May 8

Residential Billing Update -- posted May 4

Updated ARTS Provider Manual --posted April 21

UPDATE for May 19 Youth-Driven Care Webinar -- posted April 18

UPDATE for May 8 Family Engagement Training -- posted April 18

Care Coordination -- posted April 18

Appropriate Use of Psychotropic Medications -- posted April 17

Reminder Organizational Provider Rendering Billing -- posted April 14

Reminder Credentialing and Re-credentialing Requirements -- posted April 14

UPDATE for IACCT and Residential Trainings and Meetings -- posted April 13

Additional ARTS Provider Manual Training Session -- posted April 11

Screening Tools and Resources -- posted April 3

UPDATED Therapuetic Day Treatment Service Request Authorizations -- posted March 31

UPDATED Mental Health Skill-building Services Service Request Authorizations -- posted March 31

ARTS Submission Requirements for Service Authorization -- posted March 31

UPDATED: Therapeutic Day Treatment Service Request Authorization Forms -- posted March 30

UPDATE to Meet and Greet Sessions for Residential Program Changes and IACCT -- posted March 29

Virginia Medicaid Provider Reimbursement Schedule -- posted March 29

Upcoming Training Residential Program Changes and Regulations -- posted March 29

Considerations When Treating Dual Diagnosis Members -- posted March 21

Behavioral Health Provider Coordination with Primary Care Providers Survey -- posted March 20

Reconsideration Process Reminder -- posted March 17

Therapeutic Day Treatment Authorizations -- posted March 17

Meet and Greet Sessions for Residential Program Changes and IACCT -- posted March 15

Treatment Record Review Clinical Practice Guideline Review Process -- posted March 14

ARTS Online Training and Application Packet -- posted March 10

Care Coordination Survey for TDT, IIH, and MHSS Providers -- posted March 8

ARTS Informational Handout for Members -- posted March 8

Adverse Outcomes -- posted March 8

ARTS Provider Manual Public Comment Period -- posted March 7

Upcoming Training for Crisis Stabilization and Crisis Intervention -- posted March 7

Updated Training for Outcome Measures Questions -- posted March 6

Organizational Provider Authorization Submission Reminder -- posted February 28

Annual Attestation for Residential Treatment Centers -- posted February 24

Friday Provider Call Reminder -- posted February 23

Therapeutic Day Treatment (TDT) Lapse in Services -- posted February 23

Provider website administrator tool enhancements -- posted February 22

Organization Announcement Magellan of Virginia --posted February 21

Residential Training and Meet and Greet -- posted February 13

Date Change for Outcome Measures on SRAs -- posted February 13

Webinar: Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment -- posted February 10

Cover Virginia System Update -- posted February 8

Update to Residential Treatment Program Changes -- posted February 6

Screening Tools and Resources -- posted February 2

Clinical Outcome Measures Additional Questions -- posted January 31

Level A Group Home Update and Survey -- posted January 30

Reminder Organizational Provider Rendering Billing -- posted January 27

UPDATE Opioid Treatment Providers -- posted January 26

Provider Auto-fax Member Follow-up Letter -- posted January 20

Reminder Credentialing and Re-credentialing Requirements -- posted January 17

Timeliness Standards re: Office Closing for Holidays and Inclement Weather -- posted January 17

Screening Tools and Resources --posted January 17

Treatment Record Review (TRR) Results for Calendar Year 2015 -- posted January 13


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